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Vision and Commitment

VTMM Vertical Turret Milling Machines

The "M Line" Vertical Turret Milling Machines are manufactured in 3 different configurations:
  • MTop: "Full Options" available from the Kin Ah Europe stock;
  • MSpecial: Manufactured on demand according to the Dealer's specification. Private label productions possible.
  • MBasic: 1 option only (DROs and Scales) included. Shipments, within 1 week, from Kin Ah Hong Kong.
The "M Line" is of excellent configuration with wide working range and small area requirement.
Head swivel angles are 90° left/right and 45° front/back.
RAM not only is movable in front/back direction but can be also rotated 360° horizontally to greatly extend the machine's working range.
The machine body is made of SC250 Casting for maximum rigidity and reliability.
Spindle is made of Ni Cr Mo steel, tempered, carburized heat treated and assembled with precision ball bearings to provide high precision and wide cutting range.
The three ballscrews' nuts, made of PBC-2, guarantee maximum wear resistance.
X, Y, Z slideways are laminated with Turcite-B for minimum wear out and long durability.
Working table and slideways are treated with inductive surface hardening and precision ground for maximum wear resistance.
The electrical cabinet is CE certified.  110 V and 220 V sockets available.
Horizontal Milling Attachment
Variable Speed Head (Taiwan Design)  Automatic Elevating System


Column:Internal ribs

Tilt ( Left - Right )

Tilt ( Front - Back )

Knee:Double wall

Knee Assembling

Bottom:Box structure

Extended Saddle

Extended Turret

Inspection and Final Testing
Vertical movement of knee to work table surfave a.0.025/300 mm b.0.0025/300 mm Parallelism of work table surface a.0.040/1000mm b.0.020/300 mm
Squareness of Quill travel to work table surface a.0.0020/125mm b.0.020/125mm Parallelism of work table to its movement a.0.025/300mm b.0.025/300mm
Spindel nose & face run-out a.0.010mm b.0.035mm Perpendicular of spindle rotation to work table surface a.0.025/300mm b.0.025/300mm
Parallelism of table longitudinal movement to T-slot surfave 0.015/300mm Squareness of table cross movement to longitudinal movement
Parallelism of ram travel & work table Torque testing Detecting noise with noise-meter
Spindle speed check with digital tachometer X-axis Test Cut Y-axis Test Cut


3 Machines on a pallet Loading Machine in wooden box

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