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Vision and Commitment

ES14: the "All in One" Digital Read Out

The ES14, launched in February 2009 has been designed by Easson to supply:
  • an "All in One"  Digital Read Out
  • In the ES14 it is in fact possible to select the required Application (Milling, Lathe, Boring, Drilling, Grinding, Wire Cutting) during the DRO set up.
  • This will definetely optimize the stock management and will reduce the stock financial investment since three models only will be necessary to cover all the possible applications (ES14 2 axis; ES14 3 axis; ES14 4 axis)
  • a Full Option DRO
  • Multilanguage messages;
  • 1 micron or 5 micron resolution can be set for each axis
  • Radius/Diameter can be individually set for each axis
  • 1 micron, 5 micron or 10 micron displays can be set for each axis
  • Axis speed can be displayed on all axis
  • Vibration Filtering
  • 64 Points (X, Y) for Non Linear Compensation
  • an outstanding DRO in terms of Quality, Reliability and Price.


ES14  4 axis ES14  3 axis ES14  2 axis

ES 14

TQM Total Quality Management

CE Certificate

Since the ES14 "All in One" can be used for: Milling, Boring, Lathe, Drilling, Grinding and Wire Cutting, during the Order preparation it is necessary to specify the required DRO Arm and Brackets.
       ES14 2x       ES14 3x      ES14 4x  

Axis   2  3 4   
1 and 5 micron Resolutions switchable for each axis    
Radius / Diameter switchable for each axis    
Multi language    
Clear Zero    
Centering (1/2)    
mm / inches Display    
Absolute / Incremental    
Power Off Memory    
199 SubDatum    
Reference Memory    
Built in Calculator    
Pitch Circle Diameter    
Line Hole Positioning    
Inclined Machining    
Shrinkage Calculation    
Simple "R" Function    
Smooth "R" Function    
Linear Error Compensation    
Non Linear Error Compensation    
Vibration Filtering    
Z Axis Summation      
Axis Speed Display    
1 micron, 5 micron, 10 micron Display    
Easson Europe Stock All DSub 9 models available - Shipment within 24 h from the Order Confirmation


  ES14   ES10   ES10
  DIN 7   DSub9


ES14 and the selection of Arms


ES14 Arms Range


ES14 packaging


ES14 (left) uses AutoTransformer

Since the ES14 in an "All in One" DRO, brackets have to be ordered separetely. 

Warranty and Quality Certificates; User Handbooks.

Box Labelling; ES14 Labelling


ES 14
(X, Y, Z, Relay Output)

L 320 x W 60 x H 195   (mm)
Net Weight = 4.3 Kg     

Milling Single Joint
Milling Double Joint
Lates Headstock Small
Lathes Headstoct Standard
Lathes Cart 440mm
Lathes Cart 540mm

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