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Vision and Commitment

Easson D.Electron CNC Ltd., Zhu Hai

D.Electron srl   Italy, established in 1977, is a High Tech Company manufacturing CNCs and Drives for High Speed Milling, Laser Cutting, Multi Process Machines and Robotics.
It is the typical compact High Tech Company, operating in niche Markets, able to provide customized and high quality solution even if not popular in the Open Market.
Easson Group, with 11 factories in China and diversified operations including Electronics, Automation, Machining, Optics, Metrology, has a long experience in the Manufacturing of High Tech Products.
Konson Precision Machinery Ltd, an Easson Company, is one of the biggest chinese OEM Suppliers of Machining Centers and big EDMs.
Easson D.Electron CNC Ltd mission is to provide high end CNCs to the chinese Market and to the Easson Group
High Speed Machining Centers.
 D.Electron Product Range: CNCs, Drives, Motors, Manual Pulse Generator.
Mercedes Test Superfinishing 5 Axis Milling

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