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Vision and Commitment

Konson Precision Machinery Ltd, Zhu Hai

Konson was established in July 2000 as an Original Equipment Manufacturer specialized in the manufacturing of:
  • Vertical Machining Centers 
  • Engraving Machines
  • EDMs Electrical Discharge Machines.
According to the Easson Strategy, Konson is vertically integrated and can count on an experienced Technical Dept, Cast Iron Foundries, Machining Dept, Metal Forming Dept,  Assembling Dept and Final Testing Dept.
Since its establishment Konson has sold, all over the world, about 4'300 Machine Tools, mainly as an OEM Supplier.
Here below a list of the main equipment installed at Konson:
  • 4 m x 2 m CNC Double Planning Guideways Grinder
  • 4 m x 2.8 m CNC Double Planning Machining Center
  • CNC Horizontal Machining Centers
  • 3 m Precision Grinders
  • 3 m Precision Milling Machines
  • High Frequency Quenching Machine
  • Computerized Vibration Stress Relief Machines
  • Punching Machines
  • Shearing Machines
  • Press Brake Machines.
With this backgroung and infrastructures Konson can be a reliable partner for foreign companies looking for OEM Suppliers. 

Konson Precision Machinery Ltd., Zhu Hai 


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