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Vision and Commitment

Easson Group, China

Easson Group   operates  with a total of 12 factories in mainland China, totalling 200'000 m2 of Manufacturing Areas.
Three of these Companies are Joint Ventures with european Partners.
Our Group employs a work-force of  1'600 people and this figure is expected to rise up in 2009 with the opening of the Easson Automation Equipment Ltd, Zhu Hai factory.
Within this background, the R&D and Technical Department alone count for 180 specialists at university level.  
Easson Measurement Technology Ltd., Zhu Hai

Easson Measurement Technology Ltd.

Easson Automatic Equipment Ltd., Zhu Hai

Easson Automation Equipment Ltd.

Konson Precision Machinery Ltd., Zhu Hai

Konson Precision Machinery Ltd.

Easson Measurement Technology Ltd., Zhu Hai

Easson Europe SA


Easson Measurement Technology Ltd.,
Zhu Hai

  • DROs Digital Read Outs
  • Linear Optical Scales
  • Optical Profile Projectors
  • VMM Vision Measurement Machines

Easson Automation Equipment Ltd.,
Zhu Hai

  • Linear Guides
  • Motion Components
  • Robotics

Konson Precision Machinery Ltd.,
Zhu Hai

  • Machining Centers, Engraving Machines
  • EDMs
  • Special Machines
  • OEM/ODM of Large Precision Parts Machining

Easson Europe SA,

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Logistics
  • R&D Business Development
  • Consulting and Joint Ventures

Renxin Measurement Technology Ltd.,

  • CMM Coordinate Measurement Machines

Easson Opto - Electronics Ltd.,

  • 3D Laser Scanners
  • Tool Presetters

Easson D.Electron CNC Ltd.,
Zhu Hai

  • CNCs for High Speed Milling, Laser Cutting,
    Special Applications

esa Easson CNC Ltd.,
Zhu Hai

  • CNCs for Machine Tools, Waterjet,
    Oxi and Plasma Cutting, Pressbrakes,
    Shears, Wood and Marbleworking Machine.

Easson Optics Manufacturing Ltd.,

  • Special Lens, Precision Optics

Easson Precision Tool Ltd.,

  • Rotary Encoder Grating Glass
  • Calibration Glass
  • Capacitance Grating Glass

Joy Metalworking Ltd.,

  • OEM/ODM for Sheet Metal Working

Zonson Software Ltd.,
Zhu Hai

  • Custom Design Metrology
  • Softwares for Special Applications
  • Automatic Optical Inspection Softwares
  • CMM Softwares


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