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Vision and Commitment

Z32: Competitive, High Speed, User Friendly

Specially suitable for the most sophisticated and fast mould milling machines. Ideal for high-speed machining complex surfaces generated by CAD/CAM, Z32 integrates control algorithms for super-finishing of moulds, with advanced jerk control, and extended look-ahead blocks for controlling feedrates accelerations and decelerations.

High Speed Machining: Mercedes Test
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Superfinishing of a Mould
5 Axis Machining
Z32 connects easily with a Ethernet (TCP/IP) connection, the connection is useful for exchanging part-program with the CAD/CAM programming station and for teleservice operations. Teleservice is a connection between the service centre of the machine manufacturer and the CNC installed on the machine. The connection is done through Internet connection. With teleservice, the service man can perform diagnostics of a problem and correct it.
Z32 CNCs offer complete, intuitive and simple Programming Language based on G-Codes.
HMI: Machine Terminal Interface
Interactive programming
Milling Macros
Powerful and Complete Parametric Programming.
After a part-program has been written, it is important to verify it before machining.
The graphic simulation is done inside an independent application, that may run in parallel with the CNC.
The D.Electron Z32 simulator executes exactly the same elaboration that the real CNC does while machining, with the same machine settings (maximum velocities and accelerations), providing a precise simulation of movements, including local feedrates, and acceleration/decelration ramp, so that the exact machining time may be calculated in advance.

Once the simulation has been finished, it is possible to zoom, pan and rotate the graphical representation, analyzing in deep details the trajectories, and linking directly to the part-program instruction that generates the segments of the tool path. In this way it is possible to correct easily programming errors.

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