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Vision and Commitment

EP-1 Profile Projectors

Easson Measurement started manufacturing Profile Projectors in the year 1999.
Since then more than 4'000 Profile Projectors have been sold all over the world and, at present, Easson is one of the key manufacturers, in this segment, in China. 
EP1 provides accurate 2D measurement for all common geometric features such as circles, lines, angles and etc...
All measured results can be printed or transfered to computer for further processing.
EP1 is ideal for all circuital dimension measurement, in mold and die making, form tools making, screw manufacturing, gear manufacturing and etc..

Geometric Functions   3 points circle measurement;

  point measurement;

  2 points distance measurement

  2 points form a line measurement;
    2 lines intersection measurement;
  4 points line intersection measurement;
  point-line perpendicular projection
Coordinates   Cartesian and Polar Coordinate Systems
Memory   99 features memory; 10 memory
Error Compensation

Linear and Non Linear

EP-1 Optic Circuit


. Y Piece to be measured (on the X,Y Cross Tabel);
. Y' Piece Image (on the Screen);
. S1 Bottom Lamp (for Direct Measurements)
. C1 S1 Light Conveyor
. K1 Parallel Lens
. Magnifying Precision Lens (10X, 20X, 50X)
. M1 Mirror (Negative Image) or Prism (Positive Image)
. M2 Back Mirror;
. S2 Orizzontal Lamp (for Reflective Measurements)
. C2 S2 Light Conveyor
. K2 Parallel Lens

Constructed with top class components and high standard of workmanship, EP-1 achieves very high measurement accuracy (3 + L/100) micron, where "L" is the measured length in mm.  The total contour distortion is less than 0.08%.

EP 1510 EP 2010 EP 2515

Table Dimensions mm 300 x 170 350 x 170 420 x 250
Glass Dimensions mm 175 x 127 225 x 120 290 x 190
Table Max Load Kg 20 20 20
X Travel mm 150 200 250
Y Travel mm 100 100 150
Z (Focusing) Travel mm 90 90 90
DRO Resolution micron 1 1 1
Accuracy micron (3 + L/100)
Screen Diameter mm 315 315 415
Angular Measurements degree 360
Angular Resolution degree 0.01
Contour Distortion % 0.08
10x 20x 50x 10x 20x 50x 10x 20x 50x
Visible Field mm 30 15 6 30 15 6 40 20 8
Focusing Distance mm 73 35 15 73 35 15 81 71 65
Data Transfer degree RS - 232 C
Dimensions mm 420x725xh1140 420x725xh1600 460x855xh1780
Weight Kg 150 200 220
(110-220) VAC; (40-60) Hz; 400 W
Lighting System
2 halogen lamps; 24 V; 150 W
not included included included

Magnifying Lens

The EP-1 Profile Projectors are supplied with 10x lens as a standard. Additional lens (20x or 50x) are available upon request. Every Lens (10x, 20x, 50x) includes, as a standard, the lens for episcopic measurements.
Diascopic and Episcopic Visions
Diascopic vision
Episcopic vision
Episcopic vision

EP-1 Block diagram

The Tools Cabinet is standard for EP-1 2010 and EP-1 2515.  Tools Cabinet is not available for  EP-1 1510.
EP-1 Part List

Control Panel includes: Power (On/Off); Direct Light Key: High; Direct Light Key: Low; Reflective Light Key;


EP1 is equipped with ES12 LCD Colour Digital Read Out, 1 micron resolution, which provides comprehensive and easy to use geometric measurement functions.
Printer is embedded in the ES12 P arm.

ES12 P Digital Read Out

Robust friction transmission system
To avoid the usual backlash problem of normal lead screw transmission system, rod base friction transmission system are used in the XY movements. This solution provides excellently smooth, sensitive and backlash free positioning that assure easy and precise measurements.

High precision linear guideway
High precision linear guideways are used in all X,Y and Z movements. This design provides very high straightness movements and consequently, high measurement accuracy.

High stability machine casting
To avoid deformation caused by the internal stress of the metal casting, in addition to the usual internal stress release process (by tempering), all EP-1 scasting are further stress released by a computer controlled vibration stress release. This process assures high dimensional stability and long lasting mearsuring accuracy.

Final Adjustments and Turning

Plastic Cover
Glass Scale for Non Linear Error Compensation   Rotary Table
EP-1 2010 Profile Projector;   (Dimensions in mm; Drawings can be retrieved in the Download Area) 

EP-1 Profile Projectors ready to go and packaging details


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