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Vision and Commitment

Easson Group Metrology Division

Easson entered the Metrology Business by designing and manufacturing the first EP1 2010 Profile Projectors in 1999.
Today three Profile Projectors models are available:
  • EP1 1510 (150 x 100) mm Negative Image 
  • EP1 2010 (200 x 100) mm Negative and Positive Image
  • EP1 2515 (250 x 150) mm Negative Image


The Metrology Product Range was widened in 2001 with the launch of a series of Manual Visual Measurement Machines: the EV 2515 and the EV 3020.
In 2003 the first Automatic CNC Visual Measurement Machines was launched.
Today two series are available:
  • Spartan 3020; Spartan 4030; Spartan 4030HS; Spartan 6050HS (CNC, Fully Automatic);
  • EV 2515; EV3020; EV 4030 (Manual)

The production of the Metrology Instruments are vertically integrated at Easson.

Optic Lens, Manufacturing, 1 micron Optic Scales, Electronics, Assembling and Software are all performed within the Group.

This Strategy make possible to control and optimize Quality, Reliability, Delivery Time and Cost.


The Easson Profile Projectors are “Full Option” products that include: Episcopic and Diascopic Lens, ES12 LCD DRO with Geometric Functions, Precision Rotary Table, Machine Base, Themal Priner, Plastic Cover.


The EV Class (Manual Visual Measurement Machines) are very cost effective machines that include as a standard: AF AutoFocus, AZ AutoZoom, TC Telecentric Lens, Measurement Software, SPC Software.


The Spartan Class (CNC, Fully Automated Visual Measurement Machines) are the Top of the Range VMMs of the Easson Group.

They are CNC, Fully Automated, HS High Speed, AF AutoFocus, AZ AutoZoom, TC Telecentric Lens, AS Advanced Measurement Software, SPC Software.


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