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Vision and Commitment

Machine Tools

The Easson and Kin Ah Machine Tools Range includes:
  • High Speed Milling Machines for Mould and Dies, Engraving and Superfinishing.
    These Machines can be supplied as "Finished Products" with Z32 CNC by Easson D.Electron CNC Ltd, or as "Mechanical Frames" at different level of integrations and customization.
  • High Quality, Full Options,  Conventional Machines
    They can be customized in the CNC version by installing K3 CNCs by esa Easson CNC Ltd.
 Thanks to the high production volumes, the strong vertical integration and the efficient communication chain we can supply reliable, competitive and taylor made machines.



Laser Test

Foundries   Assembling High Speed Machining Center Z32 CNC by Easson D.Electron CNC Ltd,China
Hardness Testing Inspection Ball Bar Test
Production Departments



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